About Us

Getting IN: Who We Are

A little background on our program and team.

These days, education is more important than ever. For that reason, we believe in leveling the playing field – bringing personalized, attentive college admissions help to anyone who needs it. Created by a team of college admissions experts, GettingIntoCollege.com is a web-based college admissions and student coaching program that delivers elite-level planning and college prep services for one affordable price. We provide instructional and inspirational guidance that gives students the building blocks they need to be successful as they enter college, and beyond.

Using exclusive, research-backed technology and on-demand personal coaching, we get to know each student’s unique abilities and life goals and then help identify the best college matches for that student and the best path for Getting IN.

The program was inspired by the success of THE KEY Worldwide, a personal college admissions consulting program that has helped thousands of students get into the right college. It is our hope that the accessibility and affordability of Getting IN will allow us to help countless others find and pursue their dreams.

Meet Our Team

Rick Singer

Co-Founder, Chief Academic Officer

Rick Singer is widely recognized as an elite level coach with over 25 years’ experience counseling college applicants, athletes, academics and business executives. With experience at Division I-, II- and III-level schools, Rick has tremendous insights to the college admissions process, and a proven process for matching students and schools. He is driven by the desire to help more families achieve the dream of college admission by identifying the right college and what it will take to get in.

Donna Orender


Donna Orender is an acclaimed business leader, trailblazer, game changer and executive. A former PGA TOUR executive and commissioner of the WNBA, she excels in pragmatic analysis, providing focused input and leading people in new directions. She has been named one of the top 100 people in the business of sports by Newsweek and one of the top 10 most powerful women in sports by Fox.com. Her desire to champion great ideas and great people has led her to advise many businesses across a variety of industries.

Mark DiCamillo

Director of Technology

Mark is a strategic marketer, technology innovator, and cross-functional leader who has fostered outside-the-box thinking at leading consumer brands like Mattel Toys and Philips Electronics as well as numerous high-tech start ups. Mark has created hundreds of new products that vary from new electronic toys and video games to software systems and new financial services, all centered on exceeding people's wants and needs in whole new ways.

Sherry Levin

Chief Get It Done Manager

Sherry brings a range of skills built from a career in television and video production, organization and management. Sherry's career as a high school athletic director has focused on enabling young student athletes to become the best version of themselves and achieve their highest goals. Working in an academic setting has given her a keen perspective on how to build confident leaders. Sherry joins this dynamic team to continue her ambition of supporting the next generation of self-assured individuals.

Here are Some Getting IN Partners

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