Getting into College is a Science, NOT an Art
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June 26, 2017
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February 20, 2018




The college application process seems mysterious from the outside. Transcripts, essays, financial aid and letters of recommendation – somehow a small mountain of paper all boils down to a simple yes or no. You get in, or you don’t. You succeed, or you fail. And no one knows why.

Actually, I know why.

I’ve been coaching students on the process for 26 years. I’ve run essay workshops from California to China and from South Carolina to Saudi Arabia. I’ve also read applications at universities all over the U.S. for domestic and international students, which means I’m one of the people who decides who gets in and who doesn’t. I am a practitioner of that mysterious art.

And I’ll tell you the secret: It’s not an art. It’s a science.

Colleges and universities have the college admissions process boiled down to numbers:

  • Grades matter this much.
  • Test scores matter that much.
  • Activities matter a certain amount.
  • Essays and letters of recommendation figure in a particular way.


With the Getting Into College program, we’re using our years of experience and insights to help you find out how to make it all work to your advantage.


Whether you’re a straight-A overachiever, or a struggling C-average student just beginning to find your way, we can help you find the colleges that are best for you and help you get started on the path to success.


Rick Singer,